ロスアンゼルスへ弾丸お客様訪問! Customer visit to LA!

ロスアンゼルス(Los Angels)のウエスト・ハリウッド(West Hollywood)にあるお客様を久しぶりに訪問してきました!
LAのお天気は最高🌞サンセット・ブールバード(Sunset Blvd.)はビバリーヒルズとハリウッドを結ぶ通りです。

Sunset Plazaを中心に、おしゃれなカフェやクラブ、バーなどがあります✨


残念ながら今回はハリウッドスターには会えなかったけど、RODEO Dr. のヴィトンと草間彌生さんコラボのディスプレイが素敵でした✨






I visited a customer in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.  It’s been a long time since I’ve visited a customer!
The weather at LA is perfect!  Sunset Blvd. connects to Beverly Hills and Hollywood and around Sunset Plaza, there are many fashionable cafes, clubs, bars, etc.
The people who are in  this area are gourmet and trend-conscious and Hollywood stars are sometimes show up here.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet any Hollywood stars at this time, on the RODEO Dr. Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama’s collaboration display was wonderful! Yayoi Kusama look very realistic!!  I was also inspired to be able to create a display of CLAIR like that one day.
CLAIR sunglasses also accompanied the LA visit. I wanted to take a nice collaboration photo of LA and CLAIR, but I was too busy and came back Japan like a bullet. In between work,  took a photo quickly at the pool side of hotel. Next time I will take a nice photo of CLAIR and post it!
CLAIR is an “anti-aging sunglasses” developed to prevent skin aging caused by UV rays while enjoying fashion.
Product: Spica Antique Brown

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