西洋人と東洋人の顔の骨格 Western and Oriental facial skeleton





目の形状: 一般的には二重のまぶたがあり、奥行きのある目の形をしています。
鼻の形状: 高くて突出していることが多く、鼻梁がくっきりとしています。
顎の形状: 一般的にはより角張っており、顎のラインがはっきりとしています。
顔の輪郭: 骨格的にはより顕著で、頬骨や顎のラインが際立っています。


目の形状: 一重のまぶたが一般的であり、目の形はより細長く、奥行きがあまりないことがあります。
鼻の形状: 低く、平らな形状が一般的です。鼻梁はくっきりとせず、柔らかな曲線を持っていることがあります。
顎の形状: 丸みを帯びていることが多く、顎のラインは柔らかい印象を与えます。
顔の輪郭: 一般的にはより丸みを帯びており、柔和な印象を持っています。




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Here are some differences in facial bone structure between Western and Eastern individuals:
Western Facial Bone Structure:
Eye shape: typically have a higher prevalence of double eyelids, giving their eyes a more pronounced depth and contour.
Nose shape: tend to be taller and more prominent, often with a distinct bridge.
Jaw shape: generally more angular, with a well-defined jawline.
Facial contour: often have more prominent cheekbones and jawlines, contributing to a more defined facial structure.
Eastern Facial Bone Structure:
Eye shape: commonly have a higher prevalence of single eyelids, resulting in a narrower and less deep-set eye shape.
Nose shape: often lower and flatter in shape. The bridge of the nose may be less pronounced, featuring softer curves.
Jaw shape: tend to be rounder, giving a softer impression to the overall facial profile.
Facial contour: generally have a softer, rounder facial contour compared to the more pronounced angles in Western faces.
Please note that these are general characteristics and not definitive for every individual. Facial features and bone structures vary widely among people, and these descriptions are meant to provide a broad understanding of the typical differences observed between Western and Eastern individuals.
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